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Steve Schneider, is the lead consultant for SQL Insight.  We've listed some of Steve's work experience.  Our staff specializes in 
Business Intelligence, Reporting Services/Microsoft Stack, Sharepoint 2013 BI, and Database Administration.  Call us today for all your IT issues.
Business Intelligence                          Jacksonville, Florida
  • Designed multiple Multi-dimensional and Tabular model solutions in SSAS; deployed to Sharepoint
  • Designed and Deployed SharePoint 2013 BI Architecture
  • Developed all aspects of BI for a retail client using the Microsoft BI Stack.  
  • Requirements collection, warehouse design, ETL design, OLAP design
  • Reporting services via SSRS, Excel and Proclarity
  • Designed an architecture to monitor DB servers using OSQL, SQLCMD, SSIS, SPs and JOBS
  • Setup a new SQL 2005 Enterprise cluster and migrated the city's largest applications to it
  • Developed and deployed SSAS Multi-dimensional models on city inventory and finances
  • 50 SQL Servers; 60 SQL Instances; 4 Terabyte of data; 900+ databases; SQL 2000 thru 2012                                                                                       

 Database Administrator                        Jacksonville, Florida                                                                                         

·         Designed/ developed architecture to discover/monitor 50+ database servers (60+ Sql instances), using OSQL, SQLCMD, SSIS, Stored Procedures

·         Developed and implemented security-tightening procedures across the enterprise

·         Imposed a SQL development discipline on 50+ developers

·         Setup a new SQL 2005 Enterprise cluster and migrated the largest applications to it

·         Reduced the Sql Server footprint  by 20+ servers

·         50 Sql Servers; 60+ Sql instances; ½ Terabyte of data; 900+ databases; Sql Server 7 thru 2008 R2

Red Rocket Solutions, Inc.                   Jacksonville, Florida                                                                                 

   Database Developer & DBA                                                                               

·         Developed stored procedures, Crystal Reports and DTS packages

·         Maintained custom replication, built tables, views, & indexes,

·         troubleshot performance issues, and monitored space and back-up issues. 

·         Explored the use of Microsoft’s latest datamining tools adding value to the data repository.

·         over-1/2 terabyte SQL Server database, 7 other SQL Database Servers

Grass America                                       Kernersville, North Carolina                                                                     

   Database Administrator                                                                                   

·         Provided database administration and development (as the sole DBA…performed all functions)

·         Provided Business Intelligence solutions and

·         General network support and troubleshooting for this Furniture Hardware Manufacturer. 

·         6 SQL Server databases, 5 Database Servers. 

Carolina Technical Services                  Winston-Salem, North Carolina                                                                  

   Database Consultant                                                                                        

·         Managed the database for a nationally known company's SQL 2000 Data warehouse, and

·         Migrated transactional data off an AS400 to an Oracle DB via AS400 CL and SQL Coding. 

·         This included the writing and management of triggers, stored procedures and SQL jobs.

·         Analyzing user needs, translating these to technical specs, performance tuning and backup procedures were typical and daily tasks. 

Inmar Enterprises                                Winston-Salem, North Carolina                                                                

   Business Intelligence Consultant                                                                

·         Developed & deployed web-based business intelligence solutions via Microsoft’s Analysis Services (OLAP Cubes) with front-ends including Cognos              PowerPlay, Proclarity and Microsoft Office components. 

·         Datamarts aggregated and detailed over 300 million MS SQL 2000 data rows. 

·         Developed the OLAP back-end, selected and implemented a web-based OLAP front-end provided 80-fold increases in user productivity and saving.

·         Designed triggers to tie in with the DTS scripts that performed the ETL. 

·         Team to design and implement the 700GB data warehouse.

·         Administered Sybase Servers on HP (UNIX) machines with 250 databases involving over 100 gigabytes of data. 

·         Used Erwin/Erx (a CASE tool) to manage the databases.  

·         Wrote and managed stored procedures and triggers.

Lockheed Martin Energy Systems         Oak Ridge, Tennessee                                                                           

   Database designer                                                                                            

·         Used Erwin/Erx to design a 400 Mb SQL Server database. 

·         Designed and implemented a client/server database application to run on NT and SQL Server. 

·         Contracted to assist the 8th US Army in Korea, served as the database manager for the Corps Battle Simulation Center. 

·         While working for Lockheed Martin Energy System's Computing and Telecommunications Security Organization (CTSO)  provided technical expertise to resolve a number of virus incidents which impacted all Energy System's sites. 

National Computer Security Center      Linthicum, Maryland                                                                          

   Computer Systems Security Analyst                                                     

·         Led two 3-year computer security projects analyzing a commercial computer operating system. 

United States Army                            Various Stations  
West Point Grad-Class of 1979          United States Military Academy, West Point NY                          
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