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Reading an SSAS cube thru SQL using MDX

Do you need the ability to read a cube, but you want to read it thru SQL?  And, why would you do this?  Well, for example, suppose you wanted to email the results of a certain MDX query…and you didn’t … Continue reading

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SSAS not logging?

So you’ve followed all the advice and set up logging so that you can know who is using your cubes.  Things are good.  One day you wake up and see that your logs no longer are logging.  You open your cube … Continue reading

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Who’s been using your Cube?

To keep track of how many people are actually using the results of your hard work… You have two considerations: 1. Turn on Logging on your Analysis Services Cube 2. Actually query that log…

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ASSP.dll…super great functionality

There is a “DLL” that you are going to want to install on your SSAS servers… it is called “ASSP.DLL”…and you can get it from Code plex.  To quote CodePlex: The Analysis Services Stored Procedure project is a set of … Continue reading

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